• International Journal of Geography and Geology Online ISSN: 2305-7041
    Print ISSN: 2306-9872
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  • International Journal of Advances in Life Science and Technology Online ISSN: 2313-8335
    Print ISSN: 2412-3803

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  • Humanities and Social Sciences Letters Online ISSN: 2312-4318
    Print ISSN: 2312-5659

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  • International Journal of Chemical and Process Engineering Research Online ISSN: 2313-0776
    Print ISSN: 2313-2558

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  • International Journal of Sustainable Agricultural Research Online ISSN: 2312-6477
    Print ISSN: 2313-0393

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  • Journal of Tourism Management Research Online ISSN: 2313-4178
    Print ISSN: 2408-9117

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  • Cancers Review Online ISSN: 2408-9273
    Print ISSN: 2409-2053

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