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Modern Conditions of Development of Leasing Market in Russia on the Example of Rail Transport

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Modern Conditions of Development of Leasing Market in Russia on the Example of Rail Transport

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DOI: 10.18488/journal.8/2017.5.1/

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Zharikov V. V. --- Bezpalov V. V. --- Ershova M. V.  (2017). Modern Conditions of Development of Leasing Market in Russia on the Example of Rail Transport. Asian Journal of Economic Modelling, 5(1): 1-10. DOI: 10.18488/journal.8/2017.5.1/
With the development of market economy in Russia, as well as improving methods and mechanisms to improve its effectiveness, the article explores different aspects of the leasing market. The essence and content of the lease relationship, the classification of types of leasing: financial and operational, in immovable and movable property, the contract net and full service lease, direct and indirect leasing, fixed-term and renewable (revolving) leasing, describes the main functions (financial or investment including obtaining tax exemptions; production; marketing) and its principal difference from the rent. Data analysis showed a steady market growth of leasing in recent years in Russia, where the major share of the leasing market is the railway, which is forecast in the coming years to double taking into account depreciation of fixed assets and increase market share in Russia's GDP to 3% (Abashina et al., 1998). On the basis of the conducted research the authors have been proposed revitalization activities of the leasing market, such as: the updating of the active part of fixed assets at the expense of new types of leasing; the introduction of activities aimed at coordination and cooperation among scientific and research organizations; provision of free access of small and medium-sized businesses to services of transportation by rail due to the growth and gradual development of the Russian leasing market; as well as the algorithm to improve the efficiency of leasing services on the railway market.

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