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A Study of Entrepreneurship Development in Bangladesh: Pros and Cons
Decomposed Effects of Agricultural Policies: A Social Accounting Matrix Approach in Burkina Faso
Estimating Air Particulate Matter 10 Using Landsat Multi-Temporal Data and Analyzing its Annual Temporal Pattern over Gaza Strip, Palestine
Aggression Theories Revisited: Lorenzís Neoinstinctivism, Wilsonís Socio-Biology and Skinnerís Behavioral Theories
Is Marketing Limited to Promotional Activities? The Concept of Marketing: A Concise Review of the Literatur
Comparison of the Lee-Carter and Arch in Modelling and Forecasting Mortality in Zimbabwe
Audit in Russian Federation and the Research Toward the Determination of the Functioning of Audit Mechanism
Revisiting the Causal Nexus between Defense Expenditure and Economic Growth: Time Series Analysis for Saudi Arabia
Compare Value at Risk and Return of Assets Portfolio Stock, Gold, REIT, U.S. & Iran Market Indices
Child Immunization in Pakistan: Socio-Institutional and Regional Aspects
Discrimination and Inequality in an Integrated Walrasian-General-Equilibrium and Neoclassical-Growth Theory
Economic Development and Environmental Change with Endogenous Birth and Mortality Rates