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The Role of Demography in Moderation the Influence of Nonverbal Communication to Patientís Satisfaction
Quality Assurance in Higher Education Using Business Intelligence Technology
Palladium Catalyzed Synthesis and Functional Groups Modification of 6-Aryl Derivatives of Non-Linear Azaphenothiazinones
Disaster Management: Planning and Communication Approaches Used in Organizations in Kenya
Sustainability Risk Management (SRM): An Extension of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Concept
Experimental Research Concerning the Energy Performance Determination of a New Type of Rotating Working Machine
Tourism and Hospitality Management Studentsí Perceptions Towards Foreign Languages at State Universities in Zimbabwe: Case of Midlands State University
The Investment Performance of Socially Responsible Investment in Japan
Managerial Judgement Versus Financial Techniques in Strategic Investment Decisions: An Empirical Study on the Syrian Coastal Region Firms
The Impact of Text Type and Difficulty on Metacomprehension among 10th Grade Students
Significant Impacts on Egyptian Legal System Caused by Egyptian Investment Legislation
Investigating the Demand of Small Hotel and Restaurant Businesses for Bank Financing: The Case of Turkey