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Estimation of Export Demand Function for Swazi Sugar: A Panel Data Analysis
Analysis of Farmersí Vulnerability, Perception and Adaptation to Climate Change in Kwara State, Nigeria
Mainstreaming ICT Mobile in Teaching Large Classes in Higher Learning Institutions in Tanzania: The Case of Ardhi University
The Training Dilemma: Three Teachersí Views of CPD
Characterization of Sand Dunes to Detect the Sand Source and their Stabilization, Abardej, Iran
Self-Efficacy of English Listening Skills in Japanese College EFL Learners
Analysis of Consumer Willingness to Pay for Genetically Modified Maize Food in Swaziland
Personalized Medicine: Futuristic Predictive Nanomedicines for Diagnosis and Therapeutics
Application of Agroforestry Techniques in the Management of Bamboo
Measuring the Quality of Islamic Banks Services and Its Impact on Customers Satisfaction A Survey Study on the Islamic Banks Customers in Lattakia-Syria
Reconceptualising Student Success
Predicting Changes in the Land Use in Midsize Cities (Case Study: Urmia City of Iran in 2025)